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Pyramid of Manifestation - Litio


from the Holy Spirit
Activate your Powers of Manifestation


High quality glass pyramid with 12 pointed star
in the middle and golden Flower of Life at the bottom

Diamond energization and initiation

Length at base: 2 in.  /  50 mm    Height: 1 in.  /  25 mm

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  • A diamond light pyramid will be erected in the entire room
  • The Divine Flame "I AM" will be rekindled within you
  • Connection to the all-seeing Eye of God and the Lightlords of Primordial Creation
  • Activates your master consciousness
  • All projects and visions arising from your innermost being will be infused and enriched with the Divine Light of Primordial Creation
  • Manifestation will accelerate due to the concentration of light
  • This energy helps you to recognize ego wishes and to transform them
  • Puts you in the meta position

You will be surrounded by the diamond vibration of God's almightiness and All-love through Metatron's radiance. All your projects, plans and visions will be supported and enriched with the highest energy of light in harmony with All-That-Is. You will learn to be the Light Creator of your life, to take personal responsibility and to enter into the master frequency.



Put the pyramid on your Heart Chakra during meditation. You may also take it in your hand or place it at a suitable place in front of you. You may meditate in a sitting or lying position and connect with Lightlord Metatron and the Lords of Primordial Creation of the universe. Let the energy flow into all your projects that you wish to manifest. Another possibility is to put a picture or a note underneath the pyramid and let the energy fill it.


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